Women undergoes a lot during pregnancy. Some, having a hard time coping with the changes ; some, are enjoying it. One thing I am sure, pregnancy experience differ from each every mom to be’s. And since the big day is coming closer, I’m trying to recall my first pregnancy.


I was about three months pregnant when we realized I was pregnant since I am having irregular menstruation. We checked twice before heading to an OBGyn.

We we’re so happy! Tensed, scared, but very excited! Knowing that we’re having a baby at that age, being tensed and scared is normal I think. Unsure if we can take of the baby, if we can raise her properly, these are few questions popping out of my head every now and then.

Unlike other moms, lucky me I didn’t experience morning sickness nor cravings or as we call it here “paglilihi”. I never had problem with food nor scent. No dizziness and fatigue. Never did I feel pregnant until my tummy has started to grow. Thinking that I’m gonna be a mom soon, that I have a baby growing inside my womb, I’m felt so happy and blessed! Every time she moves, a smile from ear to ear you’ll always see.

At third trimester, I feel so heavy and I can’t move fast. My nose was flaring, my breast was swelling, and my tummy was contracting. My feet were starting to swell too!! and it looks so funny!

As the big day fast approaching, morning walks seem so tiring and my legs seems weak. Contractions are coming closer. I’m getting nervous and excited. My emotions were all mixed up!



As I woke up a day before my due date, I was waiting  patiently for my labor to start. We went for our morning walk, had breakfast, but no changes. Had our lunch, still no changes. So I decided to take a nap but woke up in dismay.

By dinner (about 7pm), I  noticed a different feeling while the contractions are on. I knew right away I was in labor. I went to bed early, but couldn’t sleep well because the contractions were getting stronger and consistent, and the pain was getting intense.

I woke up the next day still in labor. Waiting for my water to break, I stayed home. My stomach wasn’t feeling well. Its so painful, like I was having a diarrhea. I was having LBM! I rushed to get my phone and informed our doctor. She said to visit the birth center later and monitor my contractions, so I did. At lunch time, I decided not to eat my food since I was expecting to give birth  two to three hours later, but my mom forced me to eat. About 2 pm they decided to bring me to the birthing home.

When we arrived, my cervix dilation was still 5-6 cm. The midwife then gave me oxytocin via IVF to speed up my labor. And the food I ate? I think I vomited every bit of it. It doesn’t feel good at all and I was so ashamed.

My labor lasted for about 22 hours.


The next time they checked, I was 8-10 cm dilated, they asked me t start pushing. I wasn’t ready to push yet! But they are persistent,so I did. When I was about to push, I suddenly forgot how to. A midwfe gave me a fundal push. After 15 minutes, our little girl was out to greet us.

day 1

day 1


My episiotomy was healing. Baby doing great. But my tummy hurts like hell because of the fundal push.

Honestly, it wasn’t a good experience. But “what’s done can’t be undone” so might as well, charge it to experience. :P


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